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How to peel and cut vegetables and fruits the right way

Trust us: you’ve been peeling and cutting fruits and veggies the wrong way all this time. We have some really easy kitchen life hacks that will make your cooking simpler and more enjoyable.

You will be surprised, but for some of them you don’t even need a knife – use a fork, a spoon or even a drinking straw instead! Do not be afraid to try new hacks in your kitchen 🙂

For example, do you know the best way to keep your groceries fresh longer? Here you go: wrap fruits and vegetables in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge. This simple life hack will keep your groceries fresh and yummy for more than a week!

1. How to cut avocado
It is quite hard to buy a good avocado, but once you are done, another task arise: how to cut it correctly and remove the seed?
Very easy! Cut the avocado all around touching the seed inside. Split the two parts. Now push the knife into the seed. When it stuck in, push in back together with the seed. Take a table spoon and peel the avocado. Enjoy!

2. How to peel the orange in 30 seconds
Here is probably the easiest way to peel the orange. Roll it first! Yes, this will make the peeling easier and faster. By the way, do not make your hands dirty – use a table spoon instead. You will get a peeled delicious orange in less than a minute 😉

3. How to make one liter of juice just from one orange
Take an orange and place it in a freezer for 2 hours. Now cut the orange in small pieces and put them in a blender. Put the orange in a pan and add some pure water, sugar and lemon juice& Do not allow the mixture to boil. Now pour it into a jar. Your delicious orange drink is ready!

00:55 How to cut a mango
02:21 Why you need to roll an orange
06:25 Smart kitchen gadgets
08:13 How to store groceries
11:15 One liter of juice from just one orange

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