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@yahya May 01


Watch this video to find cool crafting ideas you can easily create at home! Stones are so cheap that you can make various crafts that will cost nothing. In this video, you will find cool craft ideas from stones. Do not throw away Pringles can and turn it into an eco-design vase that looks great. Cover Pringles can with white paint and let dry. After that glue stones to the can. Another cool idea is to make a beautiful ocean themed doormat. You will need a rubber mat, pebbles, and hot glue gun. Besides, you can use such a mat at the office. Check our video to find the fantastic idea for your feet!
Polymer clay is a perfect material for different kinds of crafts. You can make beautiful bowls to store jewelry, stand for stationary and even a collection of jewelry. Watch our video and make romantic heart-shaped clay earrings. It’s a perfect summer accessory that looks so good. Besides, it’s a perfect gift for your friends.
One more collection of cool crafts is made from concrete. You can create beautiful candle holders, planters and even vases. These crafts look really cool and will help you to freshen your interior design. If you love succulents, we share an awesome idea. It won’t take much effort but you gonna love the result. You will need concrete, dishwashing gloves, and a bowl to make concrete hands. Mix cement with water as it is written on a package and carefully pour into disposable gloves and place inside the bowl as it is shown in our video. Let the concrete dry and remove gloves. Now you have an adorable decoration item!

00:09 Concrete planter for succulents
00:48 The pottery making process
04:40 Concrete vase
05:50 Polymer clay earrings
15:09 Hot glue crafts

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