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Candles are a cheap and perfect way to create a special atmosphere and redecorate your home. Moreover, the best part is that you can make candles at home without using a lot of tools. Learn great ways to make lovely candles using a plastic bottle and the recycling idea of the candle made from cheese wax. romantic rose-shaped. Take Fanta plastic bottle and fill with orange wax, place a wick inside and let cool. Cut off the plastic bottle. Ready! Also, you can use different bottles and they will be a cute decoration for a party. Make rose-shapes out of cheese wax. Melt cheese wax and paraffin. Make petals and wrap a wick. It will be a great decoration for a romantic evening. If you don’t have candle holders, use wine glasses, just turn the glass over.
Stones could be used to create stylish décor items and they are really cheap. Check out how to make beautiful jar lids. Open the nail polish and simply start pouring it on the stones. Let it dry. Use hot glue to stick the stones to the jar lid. One more perfect idea with stones is to make a pebble doormat that looks great and also could be used for massage. You will need a rubber mat, stick some stones to it. Ready! Besides, you can use such a mat at the office. If you don’t like natural flowers, try to make awesome stone cacti, you won’t believe how cute this decoration item is. Take a pot and fill with small stones or sand. Also, you will need big pebbles and color them in green color and add white points. Put into a pot.
We have an adorable idea of how to make the romantic flying cup that can be a cool decoration kitchen item. It will be a beautiful cup that is pouring fake flowers down! It seems really tricky, but in fact, it’s easy to make it. You will need a cup, a fork, and a saucer. Moreover, you need to find fake flowers you love and watch our video to find a full tutorial!

01:16 Handmade candles
01:53 Melt cheese wax
02:28 Emergency candle holders
07:04 Flower pots out of old cups
08:32 Use stones to decorate your home

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