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@yahya May 07


Reusing plastic is a great habit that helps to reduce the amount of litter on the planet. You will find a lot of awesome ideas like how to make slippers out of drinking straws; you will learn how to make cute decorations out of toothbrush; how to make a vase from a plastic bottle; create an adorable piggy bank with a reused plastic bottle a palm made from plastic bottles.
One more surprising idea is how to make a stone decorative column using a pool noodle. Yes, it sounds crazy but this column looks really cool and could decorate a small corner in your room. Start by cutting all of your noodles in half. Put down the tube and arrange cut noodles into a spiral curve. Cut two wooden squares for the top and the bottom of the column. Finally, paint it using spray paint in grey or beige color. This column will really look like a stone as pool noodles already have a great stone texture.
You can make a lot of cool crafts using cardboard. Grab your scissors and watch the video! You will love these cheap crafts. Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? You don’t need to have special crafting skills to make a throne for a themed party. Do not buy a table for the notebook that you can use while working on the couch. Use a cardboard box instead. If you have a whole collection of shoes, we prepared an awesome project for you! Create a cheap shoe rack from cardboard boxes and tubes. If you want to make some special gift for a toddler – make a mini cardboard kitchen. If your bedroom is too small and you don’t want to spend money on a new bad, try to make a space-saving bed from cardboard!

00:09 Slippers from drinking straws
00:57 DIY decorative column
05:19 Cardboard shoe rack
07:58 DIY Space saving bed

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